Sophie McKay

“One of the most rewarding parts of gardening is seeing people grow their own food.”

– Sophie McKay

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Sophie McKay


Garden & Food Writer

Sophie McKay is an emerging author in the field of permaculture and sustainability.

Her work explores self-sufficiency, foraging, food forestry, and food preservation, with a view to helping readers gain independence and help repair the planet little by little.

Driven by her desire to instigate change and help people produce their own food in line with nature, Sophie has over a decade’s worth of experience in practicing and coaching the permaculture method to others. She’s certain that the answer to real change lies in the earth, and that with the right insight, anyone is able to grow their own food.

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My book, The Practical Permaculture Project, will be published soon.
It will cover the basics of Permaculture, detailed organic soil, and water management techniques with a lot of practical tips & tricks. While reading it, you will discover how to design and build your own sustainable, self-sufficient garden that will feed your family.

I am looking for Early Readers – if you would like to help me on this and read my Book for FREE, just for an honest review, please let me know below in the form!

Organic Weed Management methods ebook