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Sophie McKay author

Sophie McKay is an emerging author in the field of permaculture and sustainability. Her work explores self-sufficiency, foraging, food forestry, and food preservation, with a view to helping readers gain independence and help repair the planet little by little. Driven by her desire to instigate change and help people produce their own food in line with nature, Sophie has tailored a variety of tutorials and workshops to a range of communities looking for practical solutions to reducing food poverty through gardening.

While working and traveling, Sophie has faced struggles with financial security and witnessed many others live close to the poverty line. She knows firsthand that cutting corners to survive has a huge impact on your food consumption. Understanding the power that producing your own food can make to your quality of life, she’s now determined to make a difference to others.

With extensive experience in practicing and teaching the permaculture method, she is certain that the answer to real change lies in the earth, and that with the right insight, anyone is able to grow their own food.

Sophie has fond memories of growing up on her grandparents’ farm, where a simple life was a happy one. She is passionate about helping others become less dependent on the economy and strives to make her own family a little more independent every day.

Her love of food begins in the ground and ends with the happy faces around the dinner table. She is an avid cook, always looking for new ways to bring out the natural flavors of her homegrown produce and preserve her bounty for the off season.

Sophie lives in the countryside with her husband, her two children, and her beloved rescue cat, who show her every day what’s truly important in life.

Tomatoes in my garden

“Growing your own food is practical, rewarding and there’s a little magic in it.

I believe, that the answer to real change lies in the earth and that with the right insight, anyone is able to grow their own food.”

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